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Userbox used for specifying a location, typically one where a user resides and/or hails from.

Copy and Paste

{{Userbox location | type = }}

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example Preview
No parameters Template will revert to the default valves specified within the {{#switch}} parser functions.
{{Userbox location}}

This user lives somewhere on Earth.

{{{type}}} String parameter for specifying the location in which the userbox pertains to.
| type = Australia

This user hails from Australia.

Available Locations

{{Userbox location|type=au}} {{Userbox location|type=hr}} {{Userbox location|type=de}} {{Userbox location|type=br}} {{Userbox location|type=fr}} {{Userbox location|type=ru}} {{Userbox location|type=uk}} {{Userbox location|type=us}} {{Userbox location|type=cn}}

This user hails from Australia.

hrvatski (hr)

This user hails from Croatia.

Deutsch (de)

This user hails from Germany.

português do Brasil (pt-br)

This user hails from Brazil.

français (fr)

This user hails from France.

русский (ru)

This user hails from the Russian Federation.

українська (uk)

This user hails from Ukraine.

English (en)

This user hails from the United States.

中文 (zh)

This user hails from China.

башҡортса (ba)

This user hails from Bosnia.

Used Categories

Australian Users Brazilian Users Croatian Users German Users French Users Russian Users Ukrainian Users US Users