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This template is currently experimental. It is used on some pages, but it is recommended to avoid using this template for now, as it may be reworked later.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example Preview
{{{color}}} Defined text color. The default color is white.

Custom HSL, HEX, RGB and others are not supported. This is necessary to standardize syntax highlighting.

{{Tint|color=yellow|Hello, World!}}
Hello, World!
{{{italic}}} Italic text.
{{Tint|italic=1|Hello, World!}}
Hello, World!
{{{bold}}} Bold text.
{{Tint|bold=1|Hello, World!}}
Hello, World!
{{{underline}}} Sets the underlining of the text.
{{Tint|underline=1|Hello, World!}}
Hello, World!
{{{strikethrough}}} Applies strikethrough to text.
{{Tint|strikethrough=1|Hello, World!}}
Hello, World!

Avaliable Colors

#E67E22 orange

#C3E88D green

#9FCE3B darkgreen

#C792FF purple

#EF9B9B pink

#E74C3C red

#FFCB6B yellow

#EBB917 gold

#3A9BF0 blue

#CEC93B olive

#CFCFCF gray

#5F6469 comment

#FFFFFF default


{{Tint|color=#FFFFFF|Hello, World!}}