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Used on the Valve Developer Community:Tasks page, which is included in the Main Page.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example
{{{section}}} Section name. Used on the Main Page.
| section = Saving the Potato Machine
{{{desc}}} Description of the section.
| desc = Everything that needs to be done to save the potato machine is described below. Hurry up!
{{{task <1-32>}}} Your task.
| task 1 = Destroy the potato chip factory.
{{{task <1-32> <status>}}} The status of the task. if specified, the task color changes.

Avaliable values:

  • rejected
  • in progress
  • done
| task 1 rejected = This is an example text.
| task 1 in progress = This is an example text.
| task 1 done = This is an example text.
{{{task <1-24> reason}}} The reason for rejecting the task.
| task 1 reason = This is an example text.

Template Subpages

  • /include - Content to include in the template.