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This template uses a strings subpage
Please follow the format on this subpage(s) to add translations.

This template is intended for use on user pages as a means of indicating the status of the user in which the page is owned by.


The used strings are on strings subpage. Please follow the format to add translations for them.

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Example Preview
No Parameters Template reverts to the default values specified within the included {{#switch}} parser functions. This in turn causes the template to appear as it does on the right.


No status is avaliable.

{{{type}}} Allows you to select your type of status.
{{Status|type = active}}
{{Status|type = away}}
{{Status|type = idle}}
{{Status|type = hyper}}
{{Status|type = offline}}
{{Status|type = hiatus}}


This user is predominantly active and can frequently be seen making edits or creating new pages.


This user is currently away. Their edits are infrequent and they only check up on the site every so often.


This user is currently idle. They regularly check the site, but they don't edit as frequently as they used to.


This user is abnormally active. Their edits can be characterized as sporadic and they have a tendency to make hundreds of them.


This user is offline. You may be able to find them somewhere else, but right now their lives have nothing to do with this wiki, which, however, does not mean that they have left this place forever.


This user is currently on a hiatus. Their general activity will cease hereafter.

{{{nocat}}} Prevents category inclusion. Designed especially for use within this documentation or the categories listed below.
No preview avaliable