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Adds a block quotation to an article page.

Parameters and Examples

Note.pngNote:Named parameters allow you to use equality symbols and much more. Numbered parameters can be used instead.
Parameter Description Example Preview
No parameters Outputs an error message
Error: No text given for quotation (or equals sign used in the actual argument to an unnamed parameter)
{{{1}}} or {{{text}}} Quote text.
{{Quote|Quote text.}}
{{Quote|1=Quote text.}}
{{Quote|text=Quote text.}}
Quote text.
Quote text.
Quote text.
{{{2}}} or {{{sign}}} Quote signature.
{{Quote|Quote text.|[[Gabe Newell]]}}
{{Quote|text=Quote text.|sign=[[Gabe Newell]]}}
Quote text.
Quote text.
{{{3}}} or {{{source}}} Quote source.

Does not appear if the signature was not specified.

{{Quote | Quote text. | [[Gabe Newell]] | Source }}
{{Quote | text = Quote text. | sign = [[Gabe Newell]] | source = Source }}
Quote text.
Gabe Newell, Source
Quote text.
Gabe Newell, {{{src}}}