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Displays a status box on your mod's page, and adds it to the appropriate categories.

| engine = <GoldSrc/Source/Source2>
| game = <Episode Two/Portal/...>
| mode = <sp/mp/both/co-op>
| status = <alpha/beta/released/hold/dead>
| size = <big> (Optional)
| side = <Right (Optional)/Left>
| image = <SomeFile.jpg>
| download = <url>
| apply = <url>

  • If size=<big> is included, this will make the box span across the top of the page.
  • Please do not include game if the mod is based on Source SDK Base or one of its variants
  • If you are including a download URL, then unless you are 100% sure you will never make another release link to your downloads page and not directly to the file. That way the URL won't need to be changed every time you come out with a new version of your mod.
  • Do not mark a mod dead if it ceased development after making a final (or near-final) release. Mark it released.
  • If size=big side parameter doesn't works.