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; Allow spawn if marines are near <bool>
If set to True, the key 'Prevent spawn if marines are this close' must be adjusted accordingly. Useful for 'magic', non-burrowed spawns where it would look awkward if a player saw it.
Start Burrowed <bool>
If true then the spawning alien will play either it's default or a specific unburrow animation.
Unburrow Idle Activity <string>
Idle animation the alien will play before unburrowing. Not necessary for standard spawns.
Unburrow Activity <string>
If the spawning alien starts burrowed, it'll play this animation on spawn. By default burrowed aliens will climb out of a floor grate, in order to change this please view Swarm Animations
Prevent spawn if marines are this close <float>
Used in conjunction with the 'Allow spawn if marines are near' key; if said key set to True then this value must be adjusted for it to work efficiently. If marines are in the specified radius, the spawner will temporarily stop until the set radius has been cleared.
Long sight range <bool>
If true, aliens from this spawner will be able to see and sense enemies twice as far away as normal. Useful for aliens spawned at a distance that are intended to track the marines. Handy for larger survival maps.
Alien Orders <choices>
Orders given to each alien spawned.
  • Spread Then Hibernate
  • Move To
  • Move To Ignoring Marines
  • Move To Nearest Marine
Alien Orders Target Name <targetname>
Name of the target object used by the 'Move To' order (above).
Name to give spawned aliens <string>
Useful for controlling spawned aliens later on.
Note: When specifying the spawned aliens in another entity or Output the names of the spawned aliens are automatically given a numeric value after their name. ex. specified name is 'Drone' and the added value would make it 'Drone_1', so in order to specify all the spawned later on you must add a wildcard to the end of the target, thus becoming 'Drone*'
Check Spawn Point is Clear <bool>
Used to check whether the spawn point is clear of obstruction. E.g. Not blocked by props, marines, other aliens.
Min Skill Level <int>
The minimum skill level for this spawner to function. Skill levels are: 1=easy 2=normal 3=hard 4=insane 0=nolimit
Max Skill Level <int>
The maximum skill level for this spawner to function. Skill levels are: 1=easy 2=normal 3=hard 4=insane 0=nolimit