Swarm Animations

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This is a (incomplete) list of Swarm spawn animations.


Unburrow Idle Activity Unburrow Activity
act_burrow_idle act_burrow_out
act_climb_off_rail_idle act_climb_off_rail_52
act_climb_off_rail_76_idle act_climb_off_rail_76
act_climb_down_wall_128_idle act_climb_down_wall_128
act_jump_down_high_idle act_jump_down_high
act_jump_down_low_idle act_jump_down_low
act_jump_down_low_36_idle act_jump_down_low_36
act_jump_from_offscreen_long_idle* act_jump_from_offscreen_long*
act_jump_from_offscreen_short_idle* act_jump_from_offscreen_short*
  • With both of these jump animations, the drone will jump from offscreen, regardless of how far away the screen edge is from the spawn point. The difference seems to be in the accompanying sound effect. The "short" jump produces a shriller, drone sound that occurs early in the spawn. The "long" jump produces a landing thud that occurs later in the spawn. Thus while both jumps look the same, if a short jump is used in a place where the drone travels a long distance to land, the sound effect will mismatch the visual landing time.


Unburrow Idle Activity Unburrow Activity
act_roll_idle act_roll_64
act_roll_idle act_roll_128
act_roll_idle act_roll_256
act_roll_idle act_roll_512


Unburrow Idle Activity Unburrow Activity
act_burrow_idle act_burrow_out


Unburrow Idle Activity Unburrow Activity
act_spawn_idle act_spawn_256
act_spawn_idle act_spawn_512