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See normally.
Don't see for myself, use other squad member's eyes.
Patrol whenever I'm idle or alert.
Stop patrolling when I'm idle or alert.
ThrowGrenadeAtTarget <targetname>
Throw a grenade at the specified target.
ThrowTeleportGrenadeAtTarget <targetname> (in all games since Alien Swarm)
Icon-Bug.pngBug:Not implemented - attempting to compile will result in an unresolved external error. Most likely something from Episode Three.

Start rappelling now.
BaseNPC inputs
AddHealth <integer> (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode Two)
RemoveHealth <integer> (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode Two)
Add to or remove from the NPC's health.
SetHealth <integer>
Set the NPC's health.
Smash into pieces. If this is not possible, disappear.
BecomeRagdoll  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode Two)
Remove itself and instantly become a ragdoll with zero force (just go limp). OnDeath, etc. outputs will NOT be fired.
ForceInteractionWithNPC <string> <string>  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode One)
Force the NPC to use a dynamic interaction with another NPC. Syntax is <targetname> <dynamic interaction>.
ForgetEntity <targetname>
Clears out the NPC's knowledge of a named entity.
UpdateEnemyMemory  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode One)
Update (or create) this NPC's memory of of the given entity.
Gagged NPCs won't speak (or moan, caw, etc.) unless made to be a choreographed scene.
HolsterWeapon  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode One)
UnholsterWeapon  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode One)
Force the NPC to holster or unholster their weapon. Ignored if the NPC is scripting or if the NPC doesn't use weapons.
HolsterAndDestroyWeapon  (in all games since Half-Life 2: Episode One)
Same as HolsterWeapon, except the weapon is destroyed once it has been concealed.
IgnoreDangerSounds <float>
Ignore danger sounds for the specified number of seconds.
physdamagescale <float>
Scales the damage taken when this character is hit by a physics object. 0 means this feature is disabled for backwards compatibility.
SetBodyGroup <integer>
HACK: Sets this NPC's body group (from 0–n).
SetMaxLookDistance <float> (only in Garry's Mod)
Sets the maximum look distance for the NPC. Defaults are 2048 and 6000 for long range NPCs.
SetRelationship <string|targetname or classname> <string|disposition> <int|rank>
Changes whether this NPC likes or dislikes certain others. Used like the ai_relationship entity, with this NPC as the subject.
Values for disposition are:
  • D_HT: Hate
  • D_FR: Fear
  • D_LI: Like
  • D_NU: Neutral
SetSquad <string>
Change the name of this NPC's squad. Leaving the parameter blank will remove the NPC from any existing squad.
Enter/exit scripting state, where NPCs ignore a variety of stimulus that would make them break out of their scripts. They ignore danger sounds, ignore +Use, don't idle speak or respond to other NPCs' idle speech, and so on.
Wakes up the NPC if it is sleeping.


SetDamageFilter <string>
Sets the entity to use as damage filter. Pass in an empty string (no parameter) to clear the damage filter.