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In code

Inside of the codebase, effects are defined as a bit-based enum and are stored in m_fEffects. This effect can be manipulated with AddEffects( Effect ), RemoveEffects( Effect ), and SetEffects( Effect ). This effect can be obtained with GetEffects() & Effect or IsEffectActive( Effect ).

In scripting

The functions mentioned above are supported in VScript starting with Dota 2 Dota 2 . They can also be found in Garry's Mod Garry's Mod .

In a map

To use this effect in a map, turn off SmartEdit mode and add the following keyvalue pair to the entity: effects {{{1}}}.

Note.png Note: If it is desired to use this with other effects, you should add the integer value of each effect to the value.

You can set the effects keyvalue during runtime using AddOutput with the input value effects x (x being any summation of effects flags to enable).

Warning.png Warning: Using AddOutput to change an entity's effects may interfere with an entity's simulation functionality.