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Icon-Bug.pngBug:Any profile images from {{message}} present in the archives will not scroll with the box.
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This template uses a strings subpage
Please follow the format on this subpage(s) to add translations.

This template is used at the start of all of the talk pages.

Note.pngNote:The translations will change automatically according to the language of UI (if the translations exist).


{{discussion page}}
Welcome to Template:Discussion page!
This is the start of the Discussion page discussion page.

To add a new message, click on "Add Topic/Reply" button below, and set the "Subject".
To add a Reply, do the same as above, but leave the "Subject" blank.


  • {{{doc}}} - Removes margins for documentation.
  • {{{title}}} - Change the title of page on the browser tabs.
  • {{{description}}} - Replaces the description under the title with your text. Currently is an unconfirmed parameter (i.e., may be deleted in the future).
  • {{{user}}} - Change the username on the title if you want.
    Note.pngNote:Only work when namespace is "User talk" and without {{{title}}}.
  • {{{bg}}} - Background.
  • {{{answer}}} - The link to the page where the user was given the answer.
    Blank image.pngTodo: Make a block of modern MediaWiki notifications.
  • {{{archives}}} - Archives of previous discussions. Recommended to include them inside their own {{Expand}} box
  • {{{collapsearchives}}} - Collapse the archives by default.

Included Subpages

Below are the subpages that are used by this template for better code readability or something else.

  • /preload - This is the pre-load content that appears on the edit interface after the user clicks the Add Topic/Reply button.
  • /strings - This subpage includes the translatable strings that the template has used.