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Author's intentions

I've been trying to get my head around the physics simulation in Source, and decided to try an piece together a concise introductory article to the subject. I'm not a Source Coder and I'm not a Physicist, so please be generous when you come across misused terminology or misunderstood processes: please let me know what it should say! I'm really hoping for some feedback from clever people who really understand this stuff, at least to keep it on the right lines.

"Vphysics & Qphysics" is just a working title. When the article is more finished I'd be happy to move it to something more appropriate.

Intended Audiences:

  • Level Design : predicting Collision (Push) & Constraint (Pull) interactions of Moving Objects.
  • Level Design : choice of Entity to use, eg phys_motor or func_rotating?
  • Modelling : configuring QCs for prop_physics, prop_static, prop_dynamic.
  • Modelling : building Boundingbox, Collisionmodel / Ragdoll, Hitboxes, etc (Anatomy of a Model)
  • Modding : Understanding Source Code concepts and variables.

--Beeswax 17:14, 16 Apr 2008 (PDT)

Useful References