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Some about real life

In logic thinks, Hammer, and others progs SDK's have been maked in USA, country, where Imperical, not Metrical, therefore 1 unit probably equal 1 inch. I live in Russia, we use Metrical system. 1 unit ~ 2,54 centimetre.

height of player = (emphasis: EQUAL) 72 UNITS, that equal ~ 182,88 centimetres, that correspond height of soldier of special forces. Therefore (I repeat in second) it is reasonable to think that 1 unit = 1 inch.

I prove it in point of view of logic thinks.

On my page I write some sizes in real life. Maybe, they are will useful for you! ;)

Sorry for grammatic errors, I was don't well in English... But I improve :)

Maps won't look right if translated directly from real architecture using 1 inch = 1 unit as it misconstrues the size of the player. --Omnicoder 19:56, 12 October 2010 (UTC)
I've also tried scaling maps using a "1 unit = 1 inch" conversion before and it doesn't come out right. Thelonesoldier 20:26, 12 October 2010 (UTC)
HA! Here you must consider, I think that You (how and I) use monitor :) certainly, we see only part of picture. It is have VERY big influence to scale and realism for your map.
Note.png Note: REMEMBER! People! Don't aspire to make absolutely indenticaly object, important not sizes! Important PROPORTIONS! Make proportional maps, and this give to map realistic.

See original maps. Isn't proportianaly? ;) --]{o$Тя 12:38, 13 October 2010 (UTC)