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Awsome Tutorial It was very helpfull and some entertaining/funny parts too lol True_Unity 10:59, 11 Aug 2006 (PDT)

Warning.png Warning: I had trouble with the Texture Editor until a realised that the Polygon Bleeding (Ctrl+U) button (immediately to the left of the Select Vertex (V) button, and marked with an (X) in a box) is evil. If it's depressed it will try to make you depressed too. It effectively locks you into Select Polygon mode, no matter how hard you press the Vertex or Edge buttons. This prevents you from reshaping the the UV panels - you can rotate, translate and scale the whole panel, but it won't let you, for example, elongate a panel by selecting and translating only one edge. Evil and dangerous to children. Beeswax

Can XSI export texturemaps as TGA files ?

From what I can see, this is not currently possible, but if anyone knows better ... If I use XSI to generate a texturemap (procedural textures, etc) for my model, is there any way to export that texturemap as a TGA file, for (conversion to VTF and) use with Source MDLs? Beeswax

While I have no experience with XSI, I have spent a lot of time with procedural textures. The main problem is capturing the current state of the procedural texture on the surface of the polygons only. In order to do that, you'd have to have a pretty hefty plug-in (I suppose) that could calculate or sample the normals and colors along the plane of the appropriate polygon and clip the area to match the appropriate shape and size. Then align and paint it all along a UV-map (you'd probably have to set up the map yourself) along with all the other pieces. I don't think that the normal maps would have to be adjusted, but that might be a concern as well. You'd need settings so you could adjust the sampling frequency to the resolution of the texture, perhaps blending, anti-aliasing, and sample averages and weighting... etc etc. So to answer your question without helping you in the least, "Not that I know of." Sorry. But, it might just be easier to make the procedural texture that you like and do a screenshot/render of it, and then build a texture from the image in a more traditional fashion. Kinda like using a high-poly model to generate normals for a low-poly model. Sorta. Hectate 08:36, 7 Nov 2007 (PST)

Older Version

Is this for an older version of XSI Mod Tool? Because it seems not to be particularly followable for the version I have; for instance, it says "Click Render at the top of the screen", but there is no "render" at the top of my screen. And it gets worse from there. Am I just going insane, or is this, um, the wrong tutorial for the version I'm using? It seems disproportionately difficult, either way, to simply add the same texture to all six sides of a 128-Hammer-units-wide cube. So ... yeah. —Yar Kramer 21:11, 12 Aug 2008 (PDT)

Yeah, it's for an older version. You can go back to the interface it's talking about somewhere on the app's main menu though. --TomEdwards 02:14, 13 Aug 2008 (PDT)