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Less Realistic?

am i wrong in saying that it doesn't make the physics LESS realistic? Or is it the fourth law of physics that "if an object in motion lands on another object, it will occupy the same space of the object and get stuck". And from what I have notices, you can still move objects by bumping them, they just don't throw you when you touch them (once again making physics MORE realistic). The people at Valve forums even refer to non-turbophysics as "dumbed down"

Q-How come I bounce off tables and chairs when I walk into them?
A-This is due to the objects being made as prop_physics_multiplayer instead of prop_physics.  
The multiplayer physics has a "dumbed" down version to create less server stress. A server can run
the  command:

sv_turbophysics 1
to turn off the bumping and allow players to push/collide with objects with the full HL2 physics.

The only reason that i could see with the physics is that there are some bugs that are operant (being able to move the bomb after it is planted being the biggest one, but that could be so easily fixed it's actually funny)