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I'm not really good at making wiki articles... but I've been messing around with this entity A LOT recently. I figured out pretty much how every single part of it works, as well as how to incorporate it in conjunction with other entities to conform to a very fluid intro scene.

I noticed there was no entry for this ent at all, and the description from the All L4D Entities page for it was completely wrong. So I decided to add the correct information myself.

Could someone please go over this article and make it conform to the correct standards, etc? I'm really bad at all the tags and templates and all that...

There is still some things missing I need to add such as flags.

Also, I'd like to explain HOW to use this ent, but I am not sure where that kind of explaination would go?

I don't think it would fit in the description field well (possibly too long), and a tutorial article would be overkill.

--EvolvedAnt 04:51, 29 May 2009 (UTC)