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This is a brief bit of info on this. Credit: A Boojum Snark I just remembered something I was working on a few years ago that might actually do it for you. The point_posecontroller entity allows you to control certain animations in certain ways, it I had used it for making a prop_dynamic playermodel walk.

Took me awhile to find which VMF had it all buried within, but I think I found everything you'll need. Make a point_posecontroller and set the Prop Name to the name of your prop_dynamic. Set Pose Parameter Name to move_x (this is the forward/backward movement axis). Pose Parameter Value will be how fast you want it to animate, from 0 (stopped) to 1 (full speed). Keep in mind this isn't just a framerate adjustment, it actually links into the model animation stuff and it will animate correctly just as if a player was moving at that speed (walk, run, etc).

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