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Help finding the Physics Source

I am trying to make an Engine of my own, and I would like to take some of the physics code from Source. I am not very experienced with the Source Engine, as I have never modded it, and I have been looking through SDK for the Physics Source Code but cannot find it. Can someone who understands the organization of SDK please help me find it? thanks Loganfs 21:34, 5 Mar 2007 (PST) Loganfs

What exactly is it that makes you think that would be legal? --Angry Beaver 10:32, 6 Mar 2007 (PST)
The reason you haven't found the physics source code is because it isn't there. :) Valve licensed the Havok Physics engine and protects it by bundling it into their main engine code which is not available to the public.--Reacher 12:49, 6 Mar 2007 (PST)een
That explains a lot. I had been told that the whole source code was there, apparently I was misinformed Loganfs 20:09, 7 Mar 2007 (PST) Loganfs

Ragdoll collision mesh

Should the ragdoll collision mesh be combined into 1 single mesh like other concave physics meshes? or should I bind 1 seperate mesh to each bone without combining them first? (I do not mean combining vertices, just combining the convex meshes to one)