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I tried starting this through a logic_relay. But when it started, it didnt show up with the captions. Mind, that I have custom caption and vcd in play. However, when I tried starting the same vcd from a trigger_once, it worked perfectly and it had the custom captions.

wtf? Why is it like this and are there any solutions?

It works fine for me from both relays and triggers --Omnicoder 23:01, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

Any idea why its like this? Are you experienced in this area? Maybe I could add you on steam? also I used cc_emit to see if there was something wrong with the actual captions. It works fine, showed up like it should when I used the command.

*.vcd won't play

If i select a vcd in Hammer i can't preview it and they won't work ingame. Does anybody know how to fix it?

I love this entity but the onplayerdeath 1 I am angry

It would be amazing if onplayerdeath keyvalue can be disabled with an easy step like a command because in multiplayer games it is really annoying to play hl2 maps like ing Gmod.

It can stop working and can cause a huge stuck on a map

Why this entity can stop working for no reason. How this entity can stop working 4ever on a map. Why the entity dont have a timer to check if the scene not ended to skip the scene and trigger output on end.