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OK, I had NO idea where to ask this so i'l ask here: With the ortation tool, the texture stays aligned to the brush, so if you had a texture where the top of the texture was in-line with the top of the brush, they would stay in-line during rotation. Now, is there a way to do this with the shear tool? The texture seems able to (whilst shearing the brush the texture is in line, but on the moment you let go it looks like you just cut the brush shape out of the texture, if you know what I meen)

Sorry if the questions a bit abstract, I can't think of a better way to put it...

Yes, and No. Theres a way to shear textures but it requires you to edit the map on a .vmf level. the problem is that fi you do RAD will crash on the final lighting face part of the compile so the brush has to ignore lighting if you do. but theres no auto way to skew textures. Angry Beaver 10:54, 5 Jul 2006 (PDT)