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I'm thinking. This page is mostly made up from two sections, which both are linked from Brush Creation and Prefab, so we sould probably make this page a more shallow feature-describing page, like all the other menu pages, while linking to these sections in their own pages. Any objections to this? --Andreasen 15:41, 27 Aug 2006 (PDT)

Agreed. It would probably be best if the "Inserting prefabs with the Block Tool" section was moved to Prefab and then linked to from here and Brush Creation. However, basic functions of the Block tool should not be moved to Brush Creation, because that page is really a tutorial page, not a Hammer help page. It is important that the Hammer help pages remain a complete and inclusive reference to all of the commands in the editor (although they may include a step-by-step example of usage). For another example, see how Selection Tool also shows how to create brushes by cloning. The Brush Creation article should proably be more a list of options for creating brushes, which then links to the tools that are used for each of those options. There's always going to a be some duplication of information, simply because different presentations of the information serve different needs. For example, if one user wants to find all of the functions of the Selection tool versus a different user wants to find all of the ways to duplicate objects.
Also, watch out for section links when moving (deleting) sections. For example, see the Inserting Prefabs link at the bottom of Hammer Block Tool. It now refers to a section that no longer exists. --JeffLane 18:29, 27 Aug 2006 (PDT)