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The func_pushable is missing. This is how I did mine, I basically copied it from the hl1 fgd. It works, not sure it's 100% correct. I put it at the top of the Solid Entities section:

@SolidClass base(Breakable, RenderFields) = func_pushable : "Pushable object"
size(choices) : "Hull Size" : 0 =
		0: "Point size"
		1: "Player size"
		2: "Big Size"
		3: "Player duck"
	spawnflags(flags) =
		128: "Breakable" : 0
	friction(integer) : "Friction (0-400)" : 50
	buoyancy(integer) : "Buoyancy" : 20
	_minlight(string) : "Minimum light level"

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I added the item_longjump entity. It was missing. Unsigned comment added by Dmx6 (talkcontribs). Please use four tildes (~~~~) to sign your username.

Source engine trigger_counter?

Not sure where else to ask this, but is there a Source engine version of the trigger_counter entity? Or the multisource? I can't find replacements for these two.