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Okay, following what this entry was saying I started my animating of the effectors in my model using global coordinates. Everything seems fine while posing....until I actually set a keyframe. When I set a keyframe (for the finger positions of a hand model in my case) and set another at another point and scrub between the two, the keyed effectors always face the invisible first keyed point wherever I drag it, much like the effect of an up-vector, it faces towards and sticks to that point like a magnet. but I have done a thorough check and no constraints of the sort exist! Also, rotation is even worse and makes proper posing nearly impossible. What am I doing wrong here? --Sitruss 14:49, 5 Aug 2007 (PDT)

nice job Tom ^_^ i do agree, now watching that video, that the video is better then this previous text :-) --Dan.S 22:01, 15 Jul 2008