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Domination Gamemode

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January 2024

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Domination maps have 2 specific goals: To capture all the points or to reach 100% domination points. Domination is started with both teams owning 1 capture point, and then they go out to capture the remaining 5 capture points (there are 7 to begin with). each capture point has its own spawn points. If you do not control any capture points, you cannot spawn in the main map, and instead spawn in the jail. When 1 team captures all the capture points, the team with no capture points can capture another capture point before they die, so they can spawn again. If all the members of the team with no capture points fail to capture a point before they die, the team who owns all the capture points wins!

The alternative to capturing all points is to reach 100% domination points. when you capture more capture points, you collect domination points faster. if you control no capture points, you don't get any domination points. When 1 team reaches 100% domination, they win.

How Domination Maps Play Differently

Domination maps have some strategies that set them apart from the stock maps, which leads to challenge the player and the map authors in new ways.

Your base is always changing
At the beginning, you do have a "base," but after that, it may get quickly taken. You spawn at capture points that you own and that aren't under attack, unless all of them are. you can choose between defending you current capture points or scouting out and capturing new ones. While it may seem like a good idea to just go out and capturing capture points as much as you can, it may be easier to win if you defend your points too, making it harder for the enemy to capture.
Basic Strategies
When playing, there are 2 ways to win. You must decide whether to capture many capture points and hold them or to try to capture them all.
Enemies can come from any direction
Most domination maps seem like mazes, with many paths leading to one point. You must be wary, looking in all directions before charging into a dangerous situation.
Note.pngNote:This is a crucial piece of information for mappers to take into account. You need to be very careful when it comes to balancing this type of map, as the gameplay is already chaotic and unstable to begin with. The gametype may in particular lead to pure scout rushes if not properly set up

Proof of Concept

A couple people at are making domination maps. The creator: TheBladeRoden, has been developing the map dom_complex, a port of the map Complex from Golden Eye/Perfect Dark

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