Swarm Debug Commands

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  • asw_ent_create [classname] - creates an entity of the specified class at the crosshair
  • asw_ent_teleport [entity name] - teleports the named entity to the crosshair
  • asw_teleport [entity name] - teleports the current marine to the named entity (autocompletes)

  • asw_clearhouse - removes all aliens, spawners, eggs and alien goo.
  • asw_god 1 - makes the marines invulnerable
  • asw_mission_complete - flags all objectives as complete and ends the mission

  • exec freecam - puts you into a free flying cam
  • exec normalcam - gets you back to the overhead cam

  • asw_ent_create asw_target_dummy - creates an entity that will report total damage taken and DPS. Useful for balancing new weapons. Wait a few seconds without damaging it and the counters will reset.