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A Suit Charger is a simple wall mounted device found throughout half-life and it's expansions Opposing Force, that replenishes the battery life of the player's armor. The charger itself is a simple textured Brush-entity, if you are using the Half-Life SDK version of GoldSrc, available on Steam, then you can quickly access a pre-built Suit and Health Charger in your prefabs list, under the prefab library Usable Objects.


Personal creation of a health charger is quick and simple.

1. First, create a block, 32 width, 48 height, and 8 units in length. Texture it with rechargeedge1.

2. Select the two side faces, set the rotation to 90, and center them.

3. On the front face, apply the texture +0recharge.

4. Tie it to a func_recharge.

5. Finally, place it anywhere in your level. Health and Suit Chargers are found attached to walls, being located approximately 32 units above the ground.

  • The exact dimensions given are not mandatory, they are simply the default preferences used by Valve when making health chargers in official Half-life maps.


When the player uses this object, their armor can be restored by a total of 75% in easy difficulty, 50% in Medium, and 35% in Hard. When the charger is empty, the texture changes to a dimmed version, and the Suit Charger can no longer be used.