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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Stargate: Legacy is a multiplayer Source mod based on the popular TV and film series Stargate SG-1. Started as a simple port of StargateTC to the Source engine it quickly became a seperate entity, and after a gameplay release in July 2008 is now near its second beta release.


  • A blend of tactical and fast gameplay.
  • Play as Tauri or Goa'uld with a number of different classes.
  • Play maps from locations seen in the series and new planets never before seen.
  • Select your favourite weapons for each situation out of our extensive armoury.



Stargate: Legacy was first conceived in summer 2007 and made its debut - a gameplay release - on the 13th of July, 2008 (also coomdoom's birthday!). Since that first release (Beta 1.0.0) a small patch (Beta 1.0.5) followed fixing some issues such as knife damage and speed.

Stargate: Legacy is now looking to its Beta 2 release, containing new gameplay, models, maps and things to kill with. We thought the last one would make you expecially happy...


Project Management

    Freeman551 - Leader, Coder, Mapper
    FuriousFurling - Leader, Level Designer, Website developer

Development team

    Noodles - Level Designer, 3D artist
    Mobius - Sound Artist, Beta Manager
    Coomdoom - Researcher, Beta Tester, PR Manager
    SuB-Zer0 - 2D Artist
    Fotto - Coder
    Major Exodus - German Translator, 3D artist
    Isick - 3D artist
    Sinister - 3D artist
    Cow_trix - 3D artist, Level Designer
    Maximus1121 - Mapper
    Geezeus - 2D artist
    trecool223 - French Translator
    K i R k - Spanish Translator

Localized versions

We currently only have an English version of Stargate Legacy.

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