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January 2024
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This single-player mod for Half-Life has been released! Download it now.


Half-Life StargateTC is a Half-Life total conversion. A Wikipedia icon first-person shooter into the Wikipedia icon Stargate SG-1 universe, with typical series characters, weapons, and locations. So, get through the gate and fight!


  • Stargate SG-1 universe
  • Almost 30 maps
  • Particles system


Official Screenshots Forum Section


The main characters in the StargateTC team are:


  • Jamboneau: lead
  • Endolaylith: co-lead and coder
  • Axel: mod foundator
  • ApOpH!s: advertisement lead

Section leads:

  • Crampman: mappers lead
  • eldrad: modelers lead
  • Ricco: bêta-testers lead

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