Spawn Room (Team Fortress Classic)

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Team Fortress Classic Level Creation

Spawn rooms are the areas where the player is spawned upon selecting team. It's also here where he respawns after death.

Spawn Area

A spawn room is often divided into different sections. The most important is the spawn area. This is where the spawnpoints are located, and where the player will spawn. The room needs to be big enough to hold at least 12 players. The spawnpoints are made using info_player_teamspawn entities, facing the direction you want, and only allowing the specific team to spawn there. Some maps also have a text message appear on screen, and a sound play when a player spawns at that location. This can be done by changing the spawnpoints properties.

A spawn area in Hammer.

Resupply Area

The resupply area is a sub-section of the spawn room containing various items and ammunition. These generally respawn after a few seconds to allow the next player to pick them up.