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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


<Half-Life 2> Spade is a single- and multiplayer World War II modification for HL2. The purpose of this mod is to create a balance of power between realism and gameplay, both viewed as the end result of design. This mod is setting out to break the rules of team-based mods and World War II mods, and to create an experience unique to Source modding as a whole.

Plans for the first release

  • Allied Nations - British Commonwealth, Soviet Union
  • Axis Nations - The Third Reich

The goal for the first release is to create a map diversity, dividing itself between maps featured in the ETO pitting the British Commonwealth against Germany from 1940-1945, as well as the USSR against Germany from 1941-1945. The goal for the initial release is 10 maps, with 5 maps per Allied nation. As patches progress, more maps will be added in the form of both official and team-endorsed custom maps.

Development team

  • 2ltben - Project Lead
  • QWERTY - Modeling, Weapons
  • Richy Cunningham - Web Design

Former members

  • StaticDream - Skinning
  • RussConscript - Skinning


We are always on the lookout for talented developers, be it programmers, mappers or skinners. To apply, send an open application to 2ltben.

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