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SiN Episodes Level Creation

Fans of the original SiN will be pleased to know that Blade, JC and Elexis will once again step into the spotlight during Episodes, along with some new faces. A few years have passed scince SiN, and time has treated each of the characters differently- it's not just their appearances that have changed. Below is a listing of all the important characters, old and new.

John R. Blade

Char blade.jpg

Colonel John R. Blade is the leader of HardCorps, one of the premier private security organizations in Freeport City. Four years ago, Blade and his team discovered that SinTEK Industries and its CEO, Elexis, Sinclaire, were behind an increase in mutant activity in the city. Blade managed to shut down several SinTEK operated facilities involved in these activities and finally managed to track down Sinclaire. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimer Mother Nature managed to escape at the last second, leaving Blade empty handed. Following these events, Blade and HardCorps were unsuccessful to prove to the public that SinTEK was behind the mutants. Over the years, Blade has grown increasingly bitter and he will stop at nothing to bring Elexis and her company to justice.

Blade’s past is a dark smear on his mind. His mother died in a terrible fire when he was only young, leading Blade into a life of gangs and felony. It was not until his father, an honest policeman, was murdered by the very same criminals Blade had sought to join that he was shaken into sense. While lesser men would have been crushed by these traumas, Blade sought to honour his parents and established Hardcorps, determined to bring justice back to Freeport.

Four years prior to Sin Episodes, Freeport City was in the middle of a drug crisis as the addictive chemical “U4” was taking hold of Freeport’s backstreets, causing a surge of crime all over the city. Mysterious occurrences were becoming more frequent- oversized bats and washed up fishmen were just the start of it – and Blade was determined to get to the bottom of things. His gut told him SinTEK, a major scientific industry (and a rival to Hardcorps), had something to do with it. His gut was right. Engaging in a gruelling campaign of fire fights that spanned across the entire city, Blade eventually learned that SinTEK chief Elexis Sinclaire, a genius biochemist, was manufacturing a new substance named “Mutagen”- which did exactly what it said on the tin. After wading through countless Mutagen fuelled misfits and monstrosities, Blade finally confronted Elexis, only to have her slip right through his fingers. Nevertheless, Blade had succeeded in quelling the mutant threat.

Or had he? Fast forward four years and Freeport City is just as bad as ever, corruption seeping back into the city’s lower streets like weedkiller sucked into roots. Hardcorps is still going strong, but since Blade’s failure to bring Elexis to justice (and consequently prove her connection to Mutagen), he’s become somewhat resentful. However, with the increasing amount of strange sightings around the city and suspicious activities within SinTEK, Blade might be about to get a second chance to bring down Elexis.

Blade is voiced by Eric Mills, who also voiced him in the first SiN, and its expansion set, Wages of SiN.


Char jc.jpg

Years ago, J.C. was hired by shady criminals to hack into HardCorps and steal sensitive information. Instead of locking him up, Blade recognized J.C.'s incredible talent and offered him a position at his company. Now, J.C. is the main tech whiz at HardCorps, tracking Blade's every move and helping him out wherever he can by hacking security systems and keeping Blade updated in the field.

JC was interested in computers from an early age; quickly developing his ability with them, and subsequently, his love for them. After the tragic death of his parents in a plane crash, JC became obsessed with technology and totally withdrew into the expansive internet. Dropping out of college because it failed to provide him with any real challenge, he delved into the criminal underworld- quickly earning huge sums of money with his unique skills.

It was there JC discovered Hardcorps- or rather, he was paid to hack into their servers. Upon locating the key Hardcorps files, JC was surprised to find they were fighting for a just cause- unlike all the other corrupt sec-forces in the city. Filled with a rebellious desire to do the right thing, JC refused to cooperate with his ‘employers’ until he was ironically tracked down and captured by Blade! Blade saw potential in the young hacker. Maybe it was because of JC’s incredible skills, or because they both shared dark pasts that Blade took sympathy on JC and offered him a job instead of a prison sentence. Either way, JC has since proved to be a valuable asset to Hardcorps, especially during the mutant crisis four years prior to Sin Episodes.

J.C. is voiced by Billy O'Sullivan, the same actor as in the first SiN, and its expansion set, Wages of SiN.

Jessica Cannon

Char jessica.jpg

Jessica is a fairly new addition to the Harcorps team, but due to her expertise with firearms and brilliant intuition on the field, Blade has recently been working alongside her on numerous cases. Jessica is somewhat reckless on the job, both in her unrestrained driving style and ferocious use of weaponry.

Jessica Cannon is voiced by Jen Taylor, who also voiced Cortana in the Halo series, Kate Archer in NOLF 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way, as well as Zoey in Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead.

Elexis Sinclaire

Char elexis.jpg

Elexis Sinclaire is the CEO of SinTEK Industries, one of the most powerful and successful corporations on the planet. Sinclaire is obsessed with speeding up evolution and reshaping the mankind in her image, and given the resources she has available to her, she will go through extreme lengths to make that happen. And unbeknownst to Blade and the people in Freeport City, her plan is already in motion...

There is a lot to know about Elexis Sinclaire. Like the fact that her family were always arguing, leaving her in the dark. And that her father took her into the wilderness when she was only little, in order to escape her devious mother. And that Elexis caught a strange disease, which could only be treated by rushing her back to Freeport on short notice. It was there that her father founded SinTEK industries, while Elexis studied biochemistry and received numerous qualifications, before inheriting SinTEK after her father retired.

Of course, it’s far more interesting to look at things from Blade’s perspective. The mutant incident four years ago, which resulted in some bizarre mutations rising from the city’s sewers and underground stations, was all caused by a chemical called “Mutagen”. As blade found out when he infiltrated one of SinTEK’s labs, this deadly substance was being developed and then distributed in a new street drug named “U4” by Elexis. Why? Because she’s an evil genius, that’s why.

When Blade finally managed to confront Elexis he was treated to an elaborate disappearing act. Since then, Blade has failed to prove that she was behind the mutagen drug, which has only allowed SinTEK to expand further. This brings us to Sin Episodes, and once again Elexis is brewing something sinister...

Elexis is voiced by Hannah Logan, who also lent her voice to the character in the first SiN.

Viktor Radek

Char radek.jpg

Little is known about Viktor Radek. Originally from Eastern Europe, Radek recently surfaced in Freeport City, and is assumed to be in control of a sizeable U4 operation. HardCorps operatives have been trailing Radek for some time, hoping to get hard evidence regarding his activities in the city, with him being one of many criminals that Harcorps are investigating. Unknown to Blade however, Radek is in close association with Elexis and plays a large role in her elaborate scheme.

Viktor Radek is voiced by David Scully, who has voiced many video game characters, including Sergeant Johnson in the Halo games, as well as several characters in Alien vs. Predator and Tron 2.0.