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Sin Episodes FAQ

The following is miscellaneous frequently asked questions about Sin Episodes from around 2005 and was written by Steve Hessel at Ritualistic, where more information about its creation can be found at the overall FAQ page.


3.01 Will SiN Episodes have multiplayer?

Instead of just putting out standard vanilla multiplayer, Ritual is actively working on creating an original multiplayer mode worthy of the SiN name. In the near future, gamers will be able to take a multiplayer survey on the official SiN Episodes website, allowing Ritual to shape multiplayer into something the community actually wants. This approach is a little more time consuming, so while the first episode will not ship with multiplayer, it will definitely be there further down the road. The official website at now features a multiplayer survey, allowing people to provide Ritual with input regarding their multiplayer preferences.

3.02 What engine does SiN Episodes utilize?

SiN Episodes utilizes Valve Software's Source Engine, which also powers Half-Life 2. Check out the Source Engine page for more information.

3.03 What, if any, modifications has Ritual Entertainment made to the engine?

Ritual has made a batch of modifications to the engine in order to adapt it for SiN Episodes. These include damage zones for vehicles, allowing the player as well as enemies to destroy certain parts, such as the doors or the windshield. Other modifications include the Context Look system, improved AI, and tweaked physics.

3.04 Will there be a software / game development kit for SiN Episodes?

A game development kit for SiN Episodes is expected to be released shortly after Emergence.

3.05 Can I help test SiN Episodes?

If you live in the Dallas / Forth Worth area, you can sign up for Ritual's Play Testing Program at (down) and if you're lucky, you'll get to spend some hands-on time with SiN Episodes.

3.06 Where is the official SiN Episodes website located?

The official SiN Episodes website is located at (archived version).

3.07 Are there any SiN Episodes fansites?

Check out our SiN Episodes Links section for a list of fansites.

3.08 Where can I talk to other SiN Episodes fans?

You can hang out with fellow SiN Episodes fans in our forums, located at The Ritual guys drop by on a regular basis, so this is THE place to be if you want to interact with them. Additionally, we have an IRC chat room where you can chat with other Ritual fans, members of Ritual Entertainment and the RITUALISTIC staff. You can connect using jIRC by visiting or by downloading an IRC client such as mIRC. Simply point it to and join #ritualistic. If you have mIRC 5.83 or later, you can try launching a session directly by clicking here.