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Sin Episodes FAQ

The following is general frequently asked questions about Sin Episodes from around 2005 and was written by Steve Hessel at Ritualistic, where more information about its creation can be found at the overall FAQ page.


1.01 What is SiN Episodes?

SiN Episodes is an episodic first person shooter and a sequel to Ritual's 1998 action game SiN. A new chapter will be released every 3 or 4 months, ensuring a steady stream of content for gamers.

1.02 Who is the company developing SiN Episodes?

SiN Episodes is being developed by Ritual Entertainment, a veteran development studio located in Dallas, TX. Other games by Ritual include Heavy Metal FAKK2, Star Trek Elite Force II, Counter-Strike Xbox and 25 to Life. For more information about Ritual Entertainment, visit the Ritual website at

1.03 Who is publishing SiN Episodes?

Since Ritual is self-funding SiN Episodes, there is no publisher involved. Each new chapter of SiN Episodes will be made available directly to the game using Valve Software's Steam Content Delivery System.

1.04 When will the first chapter of SiN Episodes be released?

The first installment of SiN Episodes, titled Emergence, was released on Steam and in retail outlets on May 10th, 2006.

1.05 How long will each chapter of SiN Episodes be?

Each chapter of SiN Episodes will approximately take 4 - 6 hours to play through from start to finish. Action-based outcomes, as well as the Personal Challenge System will add replay value, so that you can play through each chapter multiple times to experience the various possible outcomes.

1.06 What are SiN Episodes' system requirements?

The system requirements for the first episode, Emergence, can be found at the game's page.

1.07 How much will each chapter of SiN Episodes cost?

The price point for the first episode, Emergence, is $19.99, which also includes the original SiN and SiN multiplayer. Ritual has not announced pricing for future episodes.

1.08 What is Steam?

Steam is a content delivery system developed by Valve Software. The end user downloads the Steam client and can then purchase a variety of games, including Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike and soon SiN Episodes. Upon completion of the purchase, the user can immediately download the selected and start playing as soon as the caching process is complete. More information about Steam is available at

1.09 Will I be able to purchase SiN Episodes at a store?

While Steam is the primary distribution platform for SiN Episodes, SiN Episodes: Emergence is also available at retail stores courtesy of EA. The retail version of the game was released on May 10th, 2006, the same day as the Steam version.

1.10 Will there be a special edition of SiN Episodes?

There are currently no plans for a special edition of SiN Episodes.

1.11 Will there be a demo of SiN Episodes?

Ritual has not yet announced whether there will be a demo of SiN Episodes.

1.12 Will SiN Episodes be available for any next generation consoles?

Ritual has announced that it's in talks with Microsoft regarding an Xbox 360 version of SiN Episodes. The Xbox 360 version may even be released via Xbox Live's marketplace feature thanks to its episodic nature. A date of release is yet to be determined.

1.13 Will SiN Episodes be available for the Mac?

No plans have been announced to bring SiN Episodes to the Macintosh platform.

1.14 Has SiN Episodes been rated by the ESRB yet?

SiN Episodes: Emergence was rated M for Mature by the ESRB, and carries the following ratings descriptors: 'Blood and Gore', 'Intense Violence', 'Strong Language', and 'Suggestive Themes'

1.15 Will the original SiN be released on Steam?

A Steam version of the original SiN was released in April and is included in the SiN Episodes: Emergence package. The game features several changes compared to the retail version. Most notably, the entire multiplayer system now utilizes the Steam server browser, so it's possible to just click on a SiN server in the list and the game will be launched automatically and connect to it. The sound driver has also been replaced, which should alleviate issues with Soundblaster cards. There are also several minor content changes, mostly due to legal reasons.

1.16 Will there be a Source engine version of the original SiN?

Ritual has been working on a Source version of the original SiN for some time, and several levels are already playable. Unfortunately, the port has been put on hold in favor of finishing up SiN Episodes: Emergence, and while a release is still planned, it is unclear at this point when that will happen.

1.17 Will I have to play each episode of SiN Episodes in order?

Each episode of SiN Episodes is designed to be its own self contained story, while also advancing the overall story arc. That way players can play through them out of order and still understand the overall story. Of course, to get everything, one should play them in order.

1.18 Which input devices can I play SiN Episodes with?

Aside from the trusted mouse and keyboard, Ritual is planning to support Microsoft's Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

1.19 After the first episode ships, how long will I have to wait for the next one?

Ritual is currently planning on putting out a new episode every six months, getting a steady stream of content to gamers, as well as the mod community.

1.20 Who are the SiN Episodes E3 models?

Ritual Entertainment hired two models for E3 2006. Bianca Beauchamp and Cindy Synett played Elexis Sinclaire and Jessica Cannon, respectively. Both hail from Quebec, Canada, and Bianca's own website can be found at, while Cindy works as a net reporter for Branchez-Vous.

1.21 Does the game have a manual?

The SiN Episodes: Emergence manual is located in /Steam/SteamApps/<yourusername>/sin episodes emergence/SiN Episodes.mht.

1.22 Where can I get help with technical issues?

For SiN Episodes technical support, please refer to this page on Steam Powered.

1.23 Where can I find a list of cheat codes for SiN Episodes?

A list of cheat codes for the game is available in our SiN Episodes Cheats section.

1.24 I live in Switzerland or Austria, and am unable to play SiN Episodes.

Unfortunately, a small number of USK CD keys were accidentally distributed in the German-language PEGI copies. If you contact Valve following these instructions and let them know that you do not live in Germany but are getting locked out, they should unlock you shortly.