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SiN Episodes Level Creation
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The original soundtrack for Sin Episodes was released as a CD album on both iTunes and Ritual Entertainment's official store back in may of 2006 because of high demand, which contained 14 original tracks from the original score plus two exclusive CD tracks, all available for $13.99 plus shipping. All of the information regarding this physical release of the soundtrack from the CD cover is provided on this page, where all of the photos are full credited to 'Lisa' at where this was originally posted. The soundtrack is composed by Zak Belica.


The original soundtrack for the game SiN Episodes - Emergence. This edition contains 2 additional bonus tracks. This original soundtrack was crafted by Ritual Entertainment's Zak Belica using real instruments and synthesized effects and is as dynamic and intense as SiN Episodes itself. The Emergence title track: "What's the world come to" features vocals by Sarah Ravenscroft and has been compared to powerful theme tracks from popular artists like Garbage, No Doubt, and Evanescence. For more information about the game, visit or or for a detailed podcast outlining the creation of the SiN Episodes soundtrack, visit the Ritual Podcast.

Product Information

  • Audio CD
  • Number Of Discs: 1
  • Packaging: Jewel Case with Booklet and Tray Card
  • Release Date: 8/10/2006


  1. Emerhence Theme - In Her Clutches (3:28)
  2. Jessica and JC (1:30)
  3. SinTEK Checkpoint (1:42)
  4. Freeport Docks (4:04)
  5. Turbine (5:53)
  6. Enter The Tanker (5:02)
  7. Radek and Elexis (3:12)
  8. The Pit (4:03)
  9. Quadalex (1:10)
  10. Supremacy Tower (5:53)
  11. The Helicopter (3:19)
  12. Emergence Suite (3:03)
  13. What's The World Come to (Vocals by Sarah Ravenscroft) (3:03)
  14. What's The World Come to (SinTEK Remix) (Vocals by Sarah Ravenscroft) (4:00)

SiN CD Composer's Notes

Blank image.pngTodo: This text is transcribed by reading of off one of the provided photos below and may contain errors and missing phrases. If anyone is able to either fix the missing words or provide a better source, please do so.

SiN Episodes: Emergence was a great chance to revisit the first game i ever worked on - SiN. Not many people get a 'second chance', and I wanted to take advantage of the oppotunity to grow some of my earlier works.

The original SiN was a mix of electronic tracks that ranged from full-on techno to disco-opera. The music ended up sounding great, but didn't really have a unifying theme to get around. For SiN Episodes, I wanted to be completly ? about all of the music. That is, I wanted every piece to be firmly modelled in character and location themes in portraying the action. To help with this goal, I started with the concept of a theme song. Early on, I knew I wanted to do a theme song for SiN Episodes - I knew that people liked to identify with a strong theme when they start an entertainment experience. To follow that model, I decided to write the Emergence theme song 'What's the World Come to' from the new character Jessica Cannon's point of view. This strategy worked pretty well, as it provides an immediate look for the game when you start it up, and identifies Jessica in cinematics quickly and effectively. The lyrics I wrote vaguely echo some of the first episode's plot elements and Sarah Ravenscroft vocal performance worked out quite well.

As a counterpoint to the main Jessica theme, I created a more serious underscore theme for the series in general. This theme is used as Blade's theme and is used in serious situations in the game. To help give this theme some weight, I decided to record the string lines with a live string ? . The ? 'A Though of Class' was recorded in a nice facility in Broomfield CO called ? Recording. The ? hadn't performed a game soundtrack before, but some quick studies. For this situation I had the musicians perform to a click track to match up with the tempo and to hear the supporting tracks. The live strings made a really big difference in the track's impact and i'm looking forward to more strings in future episodes.

The music in any game helps to provide an emotional connection to the action the player is taking part in. By integrating the music so closely in Emergence, I hope that like the player can easily experince what the hero Blade is going through as he battles Elexis and hangs on to his sanity.

SiN Episodes: Emergence was my most creative score to date and I am looking forward to raising the bar even further for future episodes. I hope you enjoy it.

Zak Belica

Lyrics and credits

Blank image.pngTodo: The full list of credits was unintelligible by the photos alone, please provide this information if possible.

What's the World Come to:

What's the world come to. When everything's going the way of the gun. What's the world come to. If life is a shadow of what has been done. I want you to know. Don't take it slow. Just come undone. And the sin will take hold. I can't hold it back. It's too much to ask. You know the way. You're up to the task. But please don't ever say. What's the world come to. When bullets are all that you can understand. What's the world come to. When all that I touch will leave blood on my hands. I want you to know. Don't take it slow. Just come undone. And the sin will take hold. I can't hold it back. It's too much to ask. You know the way. You're up to the task. But please don't ever say. What's the world come to. What's it all come to. Nothing to see through. It's all been spoken. Shattered and broken. Give it to me. Don't tell me. What's the world come to.