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List of Portal music

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Portal Level Creation

Here is a list of music tracks used in Portal Portal.

The #'s in the raw file paths tell the engine that the sound should be affected by the Music slider in the game's settings.


Game Sound Name Raw File Path Album Track Title Description Length
Portal.song1 🎜#music/portal_subject_name_here.mp3 "Subject Name Here" Track that plays when you upgrade the portal-gun 1:44
Portal.song2 🎜#music/portal_taste_of_blood.mp3 "Taste of Blood" Track that plays when you get the portal gun 3:06
Portal.song3 🎜#music/portal_android_hell.mp3 "Android Hell" Track that plays during test 13 and test 18. 3:45
Portal.song4 🎜#music/portal_self_esteem_fund.mp3 "Self Esteem Fund" Track that plays during the momentum introduction chamber and test 14. 3:30
Portal.song5 🎜#music/portal_procedural_jiggle_bone.mp3 "Procedural Jiggle Bone" Ominous Track that plays during the main menu, during test 08, and before/during the final chamber 4:34
Portal.room9_OFortuna 🎜#music/portal_4000_degrees_kelvin.mp3 "4000 Degrees Kelvin" Track that plays during the fire pit 1:01
Portal.song7 🎜#music/portal_stop_what_you_are_doing.mp3 "Stop What You Are Doing" Track that plays in testchmb_a_15's escape sequence. 4:00
Portal.song8 🎜#music/portal_party_escort.mp3 "Party Escort" Track that plays in escape_01 and starts playing in the turret repair room. 4:10
Portal.song9 🎜#music/portal_youre_not_a_good_person.mp3 "You're Not A Good Person" The track that plays during the turret ambush 1:24
Portal.song10 🎜#music/portal_no_cake_for_you.mp3 "No Cake For You" The track that plays in testchmb_a_11, in the Ratman den. 4:05
Portal.song11 🎜#music/portal_you_cant_escape_you_know.mp3 "You Can't Escape You Know" Boss Battle Track 6:24
Portal.song_credits 🎜#music/portal_still_alive.mp3 "Still Alive" Credits Track written by Johnathan Coulton and sung by Ellen McClain (GLaDOS) 2:56
Tip.pngTip:Lossless FLAC versions of all tracks can be downloaded for free via the Steam application.

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