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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


<Half-Life 2> Shattered Society is a fun oriented Half-Life 2 modification set in the near future. People might recognize the SS gameplay. The reason for this, is that SS is some sort of sequel to the Half-Life 1 modification Desert Crisis. Realism definitely is not its main goal. Thus it's no surprise it features both realistic and futuristic weapons. The same applies to the perks. These are abilities the players can choose from as part of a character selection menu that is very similar to the system heroes are generated by at some pen and paper RPG's.

This way it's possible to apply gaming styles different as day and night. While one player might choose no armor, enhanced melee powers, and a sledge hammer as main weapon the next one possibly goes for a very heavy build consisting of heavy armory and weaponary. One important thing of these possibilities is that every player can make his own favorite character. Of course this doesn't mean that every build is good in the beginning. Most of them will require a lot of experience and so you will need to practice a lot to accomplish its true potential. Working together these specialists can form crews that have what it takes to be successful in SS: calm capturers, tech gurus to activate short cuts, warriors to cover and defend them, as well as some quick melee players to take out the enemy very fast.

A feature of SS is the possibility of playing with melee weapons. Combined with the correct perks, these weapons can be very deadly. Melee weapons to think of are: a sledge hammer, katana, axe and many more. Next to these melee weapons, there special movements. Wall jumps, dashing and flip jumps guarantee three dimensional movement of the finest kind. On the other hand, SS requires amazingly few keys compared to the possibilities offered to the players.

In a nut shell, Shattered Society is an action mod where having fun is the main factor. Chaotic deathmatches are most common, but the possibility to play serious capturing rounds gives clans a great opportunity to show their skills.

This mod has been put on hold, partly because of the lack of a complete team, including the mod leader.


  • Fast paced, chaotic action
  • Detachable limbs
  • Perform stylish moves like flips and walljumps
  • Customizable heads. Now you can recognize your friends simply by looking at them!
  • A mix of modern and futuristic weaponry - everything from Desert Eagles, to handheld Plasma Cannons
  • Wide selection of melee weapons - Katanas, Sledge Hammers, Axes and more
  • Objective based maps


The Shattered Society Team

The Shattered Society team consists of the following teammembers:

  • DeePee (webmaster and temporary leader)
  • SilentShot (contract manager)
  • Nih (map contributor)
  • MetalWarrior (team idiot)

Many thanks go out to Soulescape for everything he's done for the mod!

The team is currently looking for new members with some of the following skills:

  • Coding (most important)
  • Animating
  • Weapon skinning
  • Mapping
  • Texturing

If you have one of these skills and would like to join the team, you can contact them at:

Or you might be able to contact us at our IRC channel #shatteredsociety on