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SendPropArray3() and RecvPropArray3() are datatable macros that wrap around an existing send/receive prop and allow it to transmit as an array.

Unlike SendPropArray(), they are compatible with Ehandles. They do not appear to have any relation to three-dimensional arrays; "3" is more likely to be a version number.

	SendPropArray3( SENDINFO_ARRAY3( <array variable> ), <prop template>( SENDINFO_ARRAY( <array variable>[0] ) ) ),
	SendPropArray3( SENDINFO_ARRAY3(m_Inventory), SendPropEHandle( SENDINFO_ARRAY(m_Inventory) ) ),
	RecvPropArray3( RECVINFO_ARRAY(m_Inventory), RecvPropEHandle( RECVINFO( m_Inventory[0] ) ) ),

Note the use of RECVINFO_ARRAY(), not RECVINFO_ARRAY3(), and the parameters for RecvPropEHandle().

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