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A shot is a continuous length of time between two edits of a camera. In the SFM, shots are individual elements that contain the motion data, sound clips, and effects clips of all the elements in them. When you scrub from one shot to another on the timeline, even though what you see is seamless, it's like you're switching from one distinct file to another. That's why you can use a different map and camera in each shot. It's also why changes made to one shot won't persist to the shots before or after it. So it's a good idea to create a master shot that has all the pieces you need for your movie before you start blading it (cutting it up).

You can double-click an individual shot to see its components. Although you can also alter the components here, we strongly recommend that you use this view only to copy sound clips up to tracks in sequence view. To get back to sequence view, click the up arrow (SFM icon UpArrow.png) near the upper-left corner of the timeline.

Note.png Note: You can copy animation sets from one shot to another by right-clicking them in the Animation Set Editor, clicking Copy AnimationSet(s), right-clicking the shot(s) you want to copy them into, and clicking Paste Animation Sets.

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