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A rule consists of one or more criteria and a response. The final score for a rule is the sum of all of the scores of its criteria.

rule <rulename>
	criteria name1 [name2 name3 etc.]
	response responsegroupname [responsegroupname2 etc.]
	[matchonce]					; optional parameter
	[ <matchkey > <matchvalue> weight nnn required ]
  • matchonce (off by default): means that the rule is deactivated after the first time it is matched
Note.png Note: Additional "unnamed" criteria can be specified inline in the rule using the same syntax as for defining a criterion, except for the criterion keyword and the criterion name keys.

Here is a example from scripts/talker/npc_alyx.txt.

rule AlyxTalkPlayerPushed
	criteria		IsAlyx  ConceptTalkPlayerPushed SeenByPlayer NoRecentCombat
	response		AlyxTalkPlayerPushed