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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Rise of War is a total conversion, first person shooter modification for Half-Life 2.

Rise of War will contain many battles, from almost every campaign during World War II. Due to production goals, the first release will only contain 4 missions from the Battle of Normandy.


General Features

Player Kits

Player will select a kit before being deployed onto the battlefield. Kits will contain the necessary equipment for players to use during combat. If your needs change you can select another kit via a halftrack, or an search though dead bodies for equipment. The more thing you take, the heavier you will become.

Command Points

Player will be given command points for killing the enemy and completing objectives. Command points can be used to call in reinforcements, give players special abilities, and using command option, such as calling in artillery strikes, or smoke barrages.


Players and NPCs alike will have special abilities that can be utilized from the player control panel. Abilities purchased using command points will allow all players on a team to use that ability as long as they have the right kit.


Why is teamwork necessary to complete mission?

The health system for RoW function like the Call of Duty system, you don't have a set amount of health, instead when you are hit enough you will lose vision and hearing, and then die if you don't get to cover. Units can help you find ways to attack enemies without risking the lives of your and your fellow soldiers.

What are some of the benefits of working with your team?

You can devise strategies to help your team win the mission without have a large amount of casualties. Your units are not unlimited, and have to be reinforced if too many die. Reinforcements can take up to 5 minutes to arrive, and many not even be of much help if most of your team has been killed.


Realism in gameplay

Realism is a major part of RoW. Weapon recoil, weight and inertia will be taken into account. Soldier carrying light equipment will have a much easier time jumping over obstacles, than a soldier carrying heavy equipment. Also, a soldier carrying heavy equipment will advance slowly up hills, but will move dangerously fast down them.

Will there be player friendly options for gamers of all skills?

Realism will be adjustable for gamers who have trouble with elements of the game. Players will be able to set the amount of damage they receive from different things (ie. falling damage, splash damage, health lost from enemy gunfire, etc.) and much weight will affect movement and stamina. Also, players can select if they want to keep their HUD, or crosshairs.

Rise of War: Fall of Normandy

What can be expected from the first release?

Row:FoN will contain 4 missions. Each mission will contain three main objectives that the player will have to accomplish. The command abilities will be limited to artillery strikes, reinforcements, and upgrading your soldiers' equipment. Until the RoW team can get more members, the production will be very slow.

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