Revolt The Decimation

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Revolt The Decimation
Skull and crossbones.png No longer being developed
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TypeSingle Player Modification
EngineSource Source
Based onHalf-Life 2 Half-Life 2


8v8 Clan Combat focused on E-sports and the true competitor. This multiplayer modification pits red vs. blue in a field positioning strategic shooter with pin point recoil based weaponry. A focused objective match draws the lines of battle where teams who cap the middle determine their offense to score goals on the enemy's post.


The mechanics of shooting feels so natural, once you get used to the weapons, you'll wonder why this new breed of shooter hasn't been realized. The pace is just right. And in public play, the dynamic field can either be a play ground for the frag-happy, or a plotted map of objective execution for the advanced gamer. What kind of gamer are you?



Revolt is a story that follows an alternate timeline that shifted, from the one we follow, in the 1930’s. When a famed and influential political figure’s life comes to an end too early, the Japanese do not attack the US, Great Britain negotiates a treaty with Nazi Leaders, and the US does not enter what, we refer to as, World War 2. The Nazi army engages Russia and greater Asia and eventually consolidates a swelling empire. After decades of various wars, the Nazi empire eventually consumed the eastern hemisphere and engaged the west with a full frontal assault. The eastern seaboard of the US was captured swiftly and occupied by the Nazis, but a frontline stalemate lasted a decade after.

The Decimation Games: During this stalemate, the Nazis began creating camps, similar to those created abroad, which enabled a slave-driven labor force and eventually a gladiator type breeding farm for games. The games quickly became the most popular form of entertainment and a prime solution to control the impure population. Even though the games were first conceived by the Wardens Council, which set camps against one another to fight over riches, the political ends drove the games around the globe commercially


  • The Revolt Iron-Sighted Recoil based Weapon System
  • Power Weapons to fight for field Positioning
  • Symmetrical Maps and identical options for each team
  • Realistic looking environments ranging from urban to wooded areas
  • A 2-stage objective plays like a sport where positioning is key
  • A scoring, player tracking, tournament system like none ever seen before.


The Decimation Official Website


Revolt was first introduced as a total conversion for Call of Duty in 2004. The promise of an sdk was soon changed to a small set of tools and no open source. With limited abilities in script form, the brothers of LANclan, decided to polish off the TC and suspend any further in-house development on the COD base.

A previously written story was wrapped around the title Decimation, which was a period in the 1980's and 90's that derived from our single player premise which started in the 40's.

We wanted to integrate the Decimation seamlessly into the story line and explain, logically, why the multiplayer game plays the way does. We felt explanation helped immerse players into the game if so interested. Although the single player version has been planned and storyboarded, just the two of us couldn't realistically complete it in the timeframe we had. Our decision to dedicate all of our efforts to a sporty multiplayer was pretty much attributed to the fact that we are avid mp gamers and the amount of content for a playable version was a more realistic goal.

So here we are getting ready to release version 1 and eagerly awaiting public response.


My brother and I purchased 3 copies of Halflife2 when it was released and played through the amazing single player. After noting all of the features already created, we carefully matched our needs to what was available. The source engine proved way beyond the scope of our project so we began creating work pipelines for our outlined feature set.

After about 16 months, we were able to just about harness the power of the source engine and it's toolsets. 4 months later a playable pilot was completed for an in-house 4v4 with fellow clan mates. Here we are just over 2 years since the inception, and we are ready for a public version release. We plan to pay close attention to the response of the general public and make further adjustments based on the consensus. My brother's, and my, primary focus is to become full-time employed as professional developers and commit every waking moment to creating exciting game titles together. This multiplayer TC wants to be popular enough to be considered for ladder competitions and excite e-sports further. We have aggressive goals and hope to reach or even near them.

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