Removing fall damage

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January 2024

Removing fall damage is a simple process in sp 2013, I have yet to try it in other versions, yet the principle should work across all versions.

Icon-Bug.pngBug:This code block does not exist in HL2MP

Editing The Code

SinglePlayer 2013

1. Find Hl2_player.cpp in the server project in the Server(game)/Source FIles\HL2 DLL\Hl2_player.cpp or in the local file path of src/game/server/hl2/Hl2_player.cpp
2. Find this if statement in the file (I found it at 2294-2303)

// ignore fall damage if instructed to do so by input  
if ( ( info.GetDamageType() & DMG_FALL ) && m_flTimeIgnoreFallDamage > gpGlobals->curtime )  
	// usually, we will reset the input flag after the first impact.
        //However there is another input that  
	// prevents this behavior.  
	if ( m_bIgnoreFallDamageResetAfterImpact )  
		m_flTimeIgnoreFallDamage = 0;  
	return 0;  

3. Remove or comment the code to look like this.

// Always Ignore Fall Damage
if ( info.GetDamageType() & DMG_FALL )
	return 0;

Before, it was only removing fall damage if the console variable was preventing it from doing it. Now, it will always deal no fall damage as it is always returning 0.