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Half-Life 2 It's 1998. You've been playing sidescrolling platform games since what seems like the incarnation of computer gaming. Sure you've played Evil this, Earthquake that, but most games up until this point have lovingly involved a 2d plane. Then, games like Metal Gear Solid and Half Life come out. The face of gaming changes forever. You are happy.

It's 2008. You've been playing FPS games since what seems like the incarnation of PC gaming. Your three hundred dollar graphics card renders in multiple shades of brown. Your monitor can display 32 million colors of retina-burning blooming brown. You've been to underground temples, sewers and caves (brown), ww2 trenches and ruined cities (brown) and post apocalyptic wastelands (brown). It's time for a change.

A sidescrolling, platforming multiplayer deathmatch - A randomly dispersed armory of more than twenty classic and original weapons from across the history of fragging and levels that capture the true essence of a sidescroller: Insane and without logic.

Utilizing the latest Valve Source engine, Ragnarok Arena Remastered aims to bring you the latest and greatest in sidescrolling deathmatch gameplay. Featuring larger maps, vibrant graphics and crowd pleasing technologies that have been around since 2004, RAR aims to bring Ragnarok Arena kicking and screaming into the twenty first century. And best of all, if you own any Source game that supports the Source SDK Base; well, you can play RAR. No Orange Box required! And no longer is it a simple remastering, this is the sequel to sidescrolling insanity.

Forget your third dimension - Welcome to the Ragnarok Arena. Part II.

Arena Harder.

Ra compound0048.jpg
Ra riverwood0012.jpg


  • A new way to play: Fast Paced Sidescrolling Deathmatch
  • 20 new weapons, from stale bread products to multi-use assault rifles
  • Over eight arenas of desturction
  • Random Weapon and Item spawns ensures no match is exactly the same.


Daniel "Ackart" Glenn:

Coding, Mapping, Textures and General Development

James "Minuit" Marchant:

Coding, Maps, Textures, Modeling and Sound assitance

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