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This page documents information about an engine not developed by Valve. This information is documented here because it has technical and/or historical relevance to Valve's engines.

QuakeC is a programming language based on Wikipedia icon C, which is used by Quake Quake and its various mods. Similarly to Wikipedia icon Java, QuakeC code isn't compiled into native machine code, but instead is compiled into a file called 🖿progs.dat, which is interpreted into native code at runtime via a Wikipedia icon virtual machine built into the game engine. This allows the same mods to work across multiple platforms, regardless of operating system and architecture.

Quake II Quake II dropped QuakeC in favor of native DLLs (written in regular C), and GoldSrc GoldSrc upgraded most of the codebase to Wikipedia icon C++. Despite this, remnants remain, with the model code having been reworked into the QC files used by the GoldSrc and Source versions of StudioMDL.

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