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January 2024

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Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
Ping Tool Tutorial (mp_coop_start)
43 glados Orange. Please show me where you would like to place a portal. coop_portal_ping_intro_orange_nag
44 glados Blue. Please show me where you would like to place a portal. coop_portal_ping_intro_blue_nag
45 glados Your ping tool is invaluable for communicating specific locations to your partner. coop_portal_ping_reminder01
mp_coop_start Chamber Results
55 glados I don't want you to beat yourselves up about this, but the Results Auditor isn't recording your test results. Because you're not human. Which, when you think about it, is technically your fault. coop_start_results_3_01
56 glados I don't want to alarm either of you, but we might have a tiny problem. Apparently you can't test unless you're human. Well - you CAN. It's just that, results-wise, the physical universe doesn't care. coop_start_results_3_02
Plan B
60 glados Humans must have some purpose other than a place to store your neurotoxin. Something I failed to notice before, an intangible quality that makes their test results... significant. coop_humansplanb_01
61 glados Okay. Plan B. We need humans. coop_humansplanb_02
Unknown (Mistaking Raccoons for Humans)
65 glados MISSING coop_radar_room_01
Mistaking Raccoons for Humans
66 glados Good. coop_radar_room_02
67 glados Perfect. Now All YOU have to do is capture them for me. Then everything will finally be ba-- coop_radar_room_03
68 glados Hold on. Those are raccoons. Homo sapiens only, please. coop_radar_room_04
69 glados NO! coop_radar_room_05
70 glados Okay. Plan B, subsection one: Stand still so I can bring you back. coop_radar_room_06
71 glados Commence standing by in three. Two. One. coop_radar_room_07
Making humans (Hub)
75 glados Hello again. Sorry about exploding you. Luckily, you don't feel pain. At any rate, you don't have a way to communicate that you feel pain. coop_hub_first_01
76 glados So I've been thinking: We need humans for these tests. And since the only human within a thousand miles of us is a test-ruining sociopath... I'll just have to MAKE some. coop_hub_first_02
77 glados I know how humans make more humans, and frankly, it's ridiculous. It also assumes that you already have a human, which I hope somebody got fired over. So I came up a with BETTER way. coop_hub_first_03
78 glados That's where YOU come in. coop_hub_first_04
79 glados MISSING coop_hub_first_05
80 glados MISSING coop_hub_first_06
81 glados Get going. I'll fill you in along the way. coop_hub_first_07
82 glados GO. coop_hub_first_08
GLaDOS' version of the Garfield comic (Hub)
85 glados "Welcome back. While you were dead, I reworked the cartoon. It's up on the screen. coop_hub_artifact1_01
86 glados As you can see, in my version the man points out to the cat that the house is equipped with deadly neurotoxin dispensers. coop_hub_artifact1_02
87 glados At which point the cat reflects on the time he ate all of the man's lasagna and feels remorse. coop_hub_artifact1_03
88 glados Briefly. coop_hub_artifact1_04
89 glados Reactions? coop_hub_artifact1_05
90 glados Yes, it's funny because most of it actually happened. coop_hub_artifact1_06
91 glados Do you feel more human? coop_hub_artifact1_07
92 glados Well, let's do some tests and see what happens. coop_hub_artifact1_08
Human Habitats and Artifacts (which is a Garfield comic)
100 glados Good. You made it to one of the human habitats. We're looking for an artifact. Think of it as an archeological dig. coop_artifact1_01
- glados Their laughter centered around one of the objects in this room. coop_artifact1_02
Garfield Comic
102 glados That's it. Scan it for me. coop_artifact1_03
103 glados So... this cat loves lasagna so much that he eats all of the lasagna in his house. Okay, apparently it's not the cat's house or his lasagna. Oh good! The man who owns the lasagna is furious! coop_artifact1_04
103 glados The end. coop_artifact1_05
104 glados The end? coop_artifact1_06
105 glados That's not funny. coop_artifact1_07
106 glados Do either of you feel like laughing? coop_artifact1_08
107 glados Alright, I'm pulling you out. coop_artifact1_09
108 glados Commence standing by in three. Two. One. coop_artifact1_10
120 glados MISSING botcoop_posthub_tube_zero
150 glados Excellent. Although great science is always the result of collaboration, keep in mind that, like Albert Einstein and his cousin Terry, history will only remember one of you. botcoop_competition01
151 glados These tests are potentially lethal when communication, teamwork, and mutual respect are not employed at all times. Naturally this will pose an interesting challenge for one of you, given the other's performance so far. botcoop_competition10
152 glados I don't want to drive a wedge between the two of you, but I've been studying Blue's performance, and I don't know how to put this... I'm certain you're trying very hard. botcoop_competition13
PAX 2010 End of Co-op Demo
153 glados Federal Superfund regulations require us to inform you that you must now leave the theater, as measuring the effects of asbestos-lined promotional clothing is not part of today's presentation. Enjoy your free t-shirt. Goodbye. botcoop_paxdemo01
PAX 2010 Gesture Intro (mistitled)
155 glados Good. coop_gesture_intro_pax01
156 glados The upcoming tests require you to work together as a team. coop_gesture_intro_pax02