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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


<Half-Life 2> Plan of Attack is all about gameplay. Strategic gameplay. Players are faced with important decisions each round that affect themselves and their team. What objective to attack, planning your defense, acquiring money or experience, bankrupting the enemy team, choosing your skill class, and planning your path to victory.


Plan of Attack features realistic weapons in use by both American and foreign armies. In Plan of Attack you can play as either the American Alliance or as the Coalition Forces. Available to each side are 6 weapons that are unique to that team, as well as several shared weapons.

  • American Alliance Weapons
    • Benelli M4 Shotgun
    • MP-5k Submachine Gun
    • M16-A3 Assault Rifle
    • M40-A3 Sniper Rifle
    • M25 Sniper Rifle
    • Mk-48 Machine Gun
  • Coalition Forces Weapons
    • Saiga 12K Shotgun
    • PP90-M1 Submachine Gun
    • AK-107 Assault Rifle
    • KSVK Sniper Rifle
    • SVU Sniper Rifle
    • PKM Machine Gun
  • Standard Weapons (available to both teams)
    • RPG
    • Viking Pistol
    • Desert Eagle
    • Frag Grenade
    • Combat Knife

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