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January 2024

Particle systems must be registered in a manifest file. These are:

  • particles\particles_manifest.txt
  • maps\<map name>_particles.txt (per-map) (not in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
Confirm:Per-map particle manifests do not load in Orange Box branch Orange Box branch mods or earlier.


Tip.pngTip:Systems within PCFs prefixed by a ! character will be precached globally. Others will be precached on-demand by entities.
	file	"particles/error.pcf"
	file	"particles/fire_01.pcf"
	file	"particles/burning_fx.pcf"
	file	"particles/explosions.pcf"
	file	"!particles/muzzleflashes.pcf"
	file	"!particles/rockettrail.pcf"
	file	"!particles/achievement.pcf"

Source 2007 usage

Due to the Steampipe update, particles now require VPK integration. This is because the VPK takes priority over non-VPK files, so the VPK's manifest will always overwrite your own.

This is a relatively simple procedure. To fix this issue, create a "custom" folder in your game's root folder, alongside maps, materials etc.

Inside Custom, create a folder, with any name you wish. Place the particle manifest into this folder, under "/custom/*folder*/particles/particles_manifest.txt" Then, drop and drag the named folder onto vpk.exe, located within the game's bin folder. For Half-Life 2, this is located in "common/Half-Life 2/bin/vpk.exe"

Please note, with this method, you are re-overwriting the manifest. It is highly advised to add to the original manifest of the game, rather than to recreate your own!