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Render Blobs
This render type renders the particle as a mesh isosurface, or a 'blob'. Nearby particles will glom together into a single continuous mesh depending on the parameters set in the renderer.

Generic Operator Options

Generic Render Operator Visibility Options

This is the density of the matrix through which the blob is meshed. Smaller numbers give higher precision at higher performance cost, while larger number will cause more swimming with movement but at a much cheaper cost.
The distance at which particles will attempt to connect with other particles to create a continuous mesh. Larger distances are more expensive, should be balanced carefully with cube_width for best performance.
The visual radius of each particle. Note that this should be kept smaller than the cutoff radius or multiple particles will potentially overlap each other visually, which may cause a variety of visual errors.
scale CP
Allows the other visual properties to be scaled via an external Control Point. X = cube_width / Y = cutoff radius / Z = render radius