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January 2024

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Open Source Plugins for Metamod:Source

This page lists known plugins with available source code. Please check the licenses for each one as they may not truly be "open source."

Basic Templates


Description: minmum implentation of a valid Metamod:Source plugin
Features: starting template
Download: Included in the Metamod:Source source code package:


Description: implements the features of the standard Valve server plugin from the SDK
Features: starting template with similar functionality to the Valve sample_plugin
Download: Included in the Metamod:Source source code package:


Author: BAILOPAN, edited by L. Duke
Description: fixes (by inheriting from IGameEventListener2 instead of hooking FireGameEvent) the problem in sample_mm plugin where some events are not received
Features: starting template with similar functionality to the Valve sample_plugin
Download: (you must be logged in to view the download link)

Functional Plugins


Author: devicenull
Description: This plugin is for the mod SourceForts. In keeps track of what player unfreezes or freezes a block, and allows any other player to retrieve this information by aiming at a block.
Features: Basic VFuncs, listening for events, partial traceline (The method used for traceline might not be effective for any other mod)

Basic Admin Tool (BAT)

Author: EKS
Description: Provides basic admin functions
Features: Kick, ban, menus, reserved slots, timeleft/nextmap say commands, and more

Counter Strike Bot Control

Author: EKS
Description: This plugin allows you to control the counter strike source bots more easly, you can have them them automaticly keep the server populated. You can have bots automaticly killed when all the human players are dead, and any changes can be made in the bot menu.
Features: Control the built in bots in CSS via a menu

CS:S Weapon Restrictions 2

Author: L. Duke
Description: Prevents players from picking up restricted weapons (if bought, they fall to the ground). Also includes an option to remove restricted weapons from the game.
Features: Hook CCSPlayer::Weapon_CanUse(CBaseCombatWeapon *pWeapon) and returns false for restricted weapons. Also shows how to use virtual functions on weapons such as Delete()and GetName() and on players for Weapon_GetSlot(int) and Drop(CBaseCombatWeapon*).


Author: EKS
Description: This is a basic plugin to handle teamkilll and teamattack on your source server, it supports any Source mod. It will automaticly kick someone with to many offenses
Features: Forgive via menu or chat. Support both Valves ESC menus and radio menus.

Global Banlist

Author: devicenull
Description: This plugin allows srcds to reguarly connect to an external PHP page, and download updates about it's banlist. Srcds then stores these in a SQLite database.
Features: Embedding sqlite, using pthreads, using libcurl.

HLStatsX ( Allows srcds to interact with hlstatsx ingame)

Author: EKS
Description: This plugin is made to interact with hlstatsx ( ) to give proper ingame stats, and provide the extra logging required for hit detection

IRC Relay

Author: sslice
Description: Reports game events to an IRC channel and allows you to administrate your server from IRC
Features: ConCommand hooks and general networking using asynchronous sockets
Download: AlliedModders

Last Users Connected

Author: devicenull
Description: With this plugin, every player who comes onto your server has their steamid logged, along with any name they used on the server. You can then either view the names/steamid's of the last people to disconnect, or you can search for a name/steamid and see everyone who has used that name.
Features: shows how to embed sqlite3, send basic messages/basic hooks.


Author: AlliedModders LLC
Description: Administration and scripting plugin.
Features: Fine-grained administrative permissions. Flexible scripting and HL2SDK interop. Extensible from C++ extensions.


Description: You can add any type of entity - hostage, spawn point, physics prop, permanently to the map. You can also filter out entities for deletion, either by specific entries or regular expressions. Stripper:Source lets you define global rules and per-map rules. It also lets other plugins (both SourceMM plugins and Server Plugins) use its API.
Features: shows how to edit the map entity lump in memory to change map entities


Author: Jmgr
Description: The ServerWiper is a behaviour watcher plugin Counter Strike:Source servers. It works with a behaviour point system. If you do something bad (insult, team attack, etc.) you lose points. If you have 0 points you are banned from the server.
Features: kicks and bans players with bad behaviour, more than 150 CVars


Author: Jmgr
Description: ServerBans is a plugin that allows server admin to automatically share bans between multiple servers.
Features: Compatible with almost every game/mod and plugin, little dependencies (Metamod:Source and MySQL)

Open Source Valve Server Plugins (VSP)

A list of open source plugins for the Valve Server Plugin (VSP) interface can be found here.