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npc_select is a console command available in all Source Source games.

The npc_select command is a debugging tool that allows you to select an NPC, or group of NPCs, for a variety of purposes.


  • npc_select
    • This will toggle selection of the NPC under your crosshair, if any.
  • npc_select <entity index>
    • This will toggle selection of the NPC matching the specified entity index, if any.
  • npc_select <name>
    • This will toggle selection of all NPCs who's classname matches the specified name, or whose targetname matches the specified name.

Many debugging systems display debug for currently selected NPCs only. Common uses of selected NPCs via console commands are:

  • npc_go
    • Tell all selected NPCs to move to the position you are currently looking at.
  • npc_destroy_unselected
    • Remove all NPCs that aren't currently selected.

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